Easter Escape Family Adventure


I’m so excited to share something we are doing this year on Easter weekend. My family LOVES doing escape rooms, whether in person or online. They are such a fun way to build teamwork and learn lots of new things without even realizing it. On Easter weekend, we’re going to give you access to a fun digital family escape room which you can choose to do any time over that weekend or even the next week.

AND guess what?! Because we love your family soooo much we want you to SHARE this invite with all your friends! Want to have even more fun?! Invite your child’s friends or family over for an Easter party and let them all do it together. What a unique way for your family to share Jesus and the Good News with other families.

You’ll need a launch code to access the site that weekend and you can receive it by signing up at www.FBCLiveOak.org/EasterEscape

Lent Adventures


We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Lent Adventures. The activities are short enough to not be overwhelming but have a lot of great questions and fun ideas. There have been some cool games and even some tasty recipes. If you’re family didn’t pick one up when we started, it’s OKAY because you can still get one now and finish out well. This booklet was gifted to families to help them prepare their hearts for Easter and that’s still 27 days so lots of time! Just reply to this, text Ms Debbie or call the church office. We don’t want your family to miss out.

yesterday’s SS lesson


I wanted to share this with parents because yesterday’s SS lesson is definitely one that makes us all ponder. I love how The Gospel Project weaves this into The Big Story of the Bible. If your child came home discussing what we studied during SS, this is a great follow up for parents to read, as it assisted our teachers in their preparation.

Just keeping this site updated


We just realized today that we haven’t posted on this page for months. In the midst of all the other Covid craziness, we got a brand new church website and Ms Debbie got busy setting that up. So here’s a few things to get this page updated AND to direct you to our church page.

We started AWANA back in October and here’s the flyer sent out to all the parents/grandparents of AWANA clubbers . . .

Worship with us at home


If you can’t stand the thought of missing our AWANA Worship tonight, just head over and play our Spotify list. It holds all our favorite AWANA worship songs for Cubbies, Sparks and T&T. Let’s teach your parents all the songs AND motions! 😍⁠