additions to Parent Pack


Oops! Road Sign

Campers can only bring 1 (one) suitcase and they must be able to carry it all by himself. They do not have to bring a bag for the bus ride but if they do, it needs to be small enough to hold in their lap if necessary. Pillows can be brought on the bus.

Yes, you can definitely pack snacks in your child’s bag but remember that the luggage is going in a U-Haul along with 40 other pieces of luggage so pack them well. (i.e., inside a shoebox)

We are providing reusable water bottles for each camper this year so no need to pack one.

Your child will be receiving a t-shirt to wear the 1st day of camp and the last day of camp. (because I know the girls will ask . . . the 1st day shirt is sapphire & white and the last day’s shirt is red & gold.

OMC only happens 1x so they only need 1 OMC shirt.

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