Hump Day


First, let me apologize for the limited blogging because of the lack of internet & cell service. It doesn’t matter how high tech your devices if they can’t connect to anything.
Second, let me tell you how proud I am of our kids! We’ve heard over & over from the CentriKid staff & the conference center staff how well behaved, respectful & friendly our kids are. Our chaperones have seen firsthand how much it means to have kids that understand rules, are willing to obey them, but at the same time have a ton of fun. FBCLiveOak kids have been a JOY to be with!

Kids enjoyed their 2nd day of tracks today. They’re learning so much, making so many new friends & having a great time. As usual they all think their team leader is the best or their track leader is the most fun. The staff here does such a great job of connecting with the kids & encouraging them. The cheernastics leader even let our girls give her a manicure during her free time. 🙂

Pastor David has been so energetic & has taught the kids with such excitement that the kids have really talked about his messages. It’s been great to see God working through all of it.
Thanks again for prayers. Here are some comments from the girls . . .
Alexis says "track time is awesome"
Sydney says "I’ve found my future husband" 🙂
Keeara says "rec time is fun"
Mallory says "I’ve lost weight from sweating so much"
Sydney really says "my mom’s gonna hurt me for saying that LOL . . . and I love my tracks"
Jordan says "highlight of my week was smashing cake in Ms Georgia’s face" (was a dare from her team time leader for not remembering her name)
Shelby says "I can’t wait for OMC tomorrow!"
Aria says "awesome time . . . great experience"
Amarriona says "cheernastics is awesome!"
LaDasia says "Ms Rhonda is awesome"
Destiny says "the singer (Dylan) is cute! . . . camp is fun"
Kalie says "good food! . . . especially the boiled peanuts"
Emma says "the drummer is super"
Little Leigh says "archery is fun . . . and I hit the target!"
Joy says "this has been a FUN last year"

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