Day 1


Day 1 was exciting, exhausting, exciting again, spiritually refreshing and encouraging. The kids are all finally settled in their rooms, getting the last few showers & then hopefully getting a much deserved good night’s sleep. We had a great breakfast stop in Cordele at Chick-fil-a then enjoyed lunch at the Alabama welcome center. By the time we arrived at Shocco Springs the kids (& chaperones) were ready to get off the bus. The thermometer said it was 90° when we were unloading the bus & lugging everything up several flights of stairs, but it felt more like 100°. We all appreciate A/C much more after that! The kids got to enjoy some time to get to know the campus after settling in their rooms. Supper was a hit with all the kids – chicken tenders followed by frozen yogurt! Opening Celebration was a blast, as always, and I’ve posted a few pics from that to the Photobucket so check the link in the earlier post. All the kids enjoyed some time getting to know their CentriKid staffer at Bible Study Group, then we got to spend time together as a church group & find out all the activity tracks they’ll all get to enjoy starting tomorrow. The time change made it a little rough that last hour tonight and we were all acting like we needed a good night’s sleep . . . even the adults. 🙂
If you didn’t get a call tonight from your child, feel free to call or text their chaperone tomorrow during hang time. They are ALL having such a great time. I promise!

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