Day 2


Wow! What a busy, busy day it was for everyone. Breakfast time was a little rough for those that chatted into the night instead of falling asleep right away. That’s always when we discover quickly who is a morning person & who is not. LOL  I have to admit I’m not one but multiple cups of coffee help a lot.  🙂
The kids got to spend multiple times yesterday with their Bible Study group leaders and are really connecting with them. The staff here is sooooo great with the kids & really go out of their way to get to know them. The kids also had the first time at all their activity tracks. There was a little anxiety for some, knowing they were going to learn something totally new but much excitement because they all got tracks they put on their list. They are all making new friends and were all smiles yesterday when we met them after the tracks. Today I plan to go to as many tracks as possible to get pictures.
Last night our whole group got to do something none of us have ever done. I had reserved a time for us all to play Bazooka Ball, which is sort of like paint ball except with nerf textured golf balls. We played adults against girls then adults against boys then girl winners against boy winners. It was a BLAST! Not really sure who had more fun but I got video of the last round & it’s loading to the Photobucket album now. The funny thing was the tiniest kids were the most nervous but they ended up being in the winners circle because they could hide so well behind the shields. Let’s just say that even in camo the adults were easy targets.  🙂
The kids all had another hour of hang time after that so they had some great free time just hanging out together. The reason I couldn’t blog last night was I was having a great time connecting with the kids & didn’t want to be tied to my tablet blogging. But I got pulled away about 10pm to transport the staff medic to another church’s child who walked into a swinging golf club. 😦  Thankfully it looked scarier than it was & they didn’t have to take him for stitches. Pray for that child to heal quickly & be able to enjoy the rest of his week.
Thank you again for sending your kid to camp! Yesterday’s theme was “God Rescues from Captivity” and we were reminded of what Jesus did on the cross to rescue us from our sin. We read about the Israelites being freed from captivity back in Egypt when they placed the blood of a spotless lamb over their doors before the death angel passed over. Pastor James talked to us about our own captivity in sin & our need for God to rescue us. Worship time was great & the kids were so engaged as they listened to him speak. We are so blessed to be in this place & be part of what God is doing in these kid’s hearts.

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