Day 3


It’s hard to believe we’ve already finished day 3. It has been great to watch the kids grow closer this week. Camp is such a unique opportunity where they learn to stretch their comfort zone & connect on a deeper level with the other kids in our church group. We love seeing them talk, laugh & enjoy activities together. I took a lot of pictures from the outdoor tracks today but the internet connection seems to have gone out so hopefully they will load during the night. Tomorrow, I’ll make the rounds of the indoor tracks. We were commenting today on how well behaved our FBC kids are when at camp. We have some of the most polite & conversational kids. The staff seems to enjoy chatting with them at meals & free time.  Moms, you should be proud. 🙂
We are all looking forward to OMC (organized mass chaos) tomorrow. That’s definitely one of the week’s highlights. We’re just hoping the weather stays beautiful because it was perfect today. So be watching for those pics to come because they’re usually pretty funny.
Thanks for your prayers while we’ve been here. We are seeing the kids grow in so many ways. Tonight they got to hear from our assigned church group staffer. They were so attentive as they listened to his story of how God has worked in his life. Please ask them about TJ when they get home. He has grown on our kids & I think they’ll remember him for a long time.
Check the Photobucket link to see if this afternoon’s pics have loaded yet.

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