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Now is the time to sign up to join our FBC Giant Step 4 Life team!  Go to and sign up now.  We would love to have the biggest team there & we definitely want to raise the most $ for the Pregnancy Care Center.  


Family Night Supper returns


AWANA leaders are excited that the option of Family Night Supper has returned @FBCLiveOak.  For those with young kids who come straight from work, this is a big help.  We want to make sure the communication is very clear though about this option on Wed nights.  It is a separate ministry from AWANA and we need to be sure that parents, clubbers & volunteers understand how this works so we can help eliviate confusion for the volunteers running the supper.

PARENTS are responsible for their children until club so you must stay with them.  The AWANA workers that are at the supper are there with their own children and/or families.  We want them to have time to eat with their families before they begin their time in AWANA so they are not available to supervise kids during this time. So, kids not eating should not be dropped off for club until 5:45pm.

Supper is a PRE-PAY option and the cost is $3/kid meal or $5/full meal (3 & under is free).  Your name is placed on the list once $ is rcvd. Mon @ noon is the deadline to pre-pay or cancel. To ensure you have a meal, be sure to pre-pay. There are LIMITED meals available at the door each week. Prices at the door are $5/kid & $7/full. If you do not cancel by deadline & do not eat, the monies do not carry over to the next week. (The supper team has to spend the money received to order & prepare the food that is paid for so the money cannot be carried over if you do not eat because it was spent purchasing & preparing the food you ordered.)  The menu is listed in the Sunday bulletin which can also be found online at  There are no free or scholarship meals available.  We will have envelopes at the AWANA info/registration table to help you with future payments.

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