Post-camp lunch stop



If you’re ever in Opelika, Alabama then you’ve got to try Jim Bob’s! It’s a family run fast food restaurant but a completely different experience than a typical fast food place. So glad we took my dad’s advice & checked it out. 4 more hours to go . . .

Day 1


We had a great trip to Shocco Springs, without even 1 traffic jam or holdup. We enjoyed breakfast at Chick-fil-a in Cordele. The staff there always does a phenomenal job of getting our food so quickly & making sure we have everything we need. We received compliments from staff & patrons on how well behaved our kids were. Yay!
We stopped at the Alabama welcome area for lunch and the kids got to really stretch their legs climbing up & down the hill there just to use the facilities. You should be proud of your kids because the staff there were so impressed with them that they came out to our picnic table to tell us how impressed they were. The kids behaved, cleaned up their picnic areas & were so polite in the restrooms. 
We were one of the 1st churches here & that really helped with the unloading since we didn’t have as much traffic on the stairs. The girls always love the unpacking & settling in while the boys are usually just so excited to be off that bus & run around.
Opening Celebration was super fun as always. The kids got to dance & sing, play games & hear Pastor James. Then they got to go to Team Time and meet their assigned CentriKid staffer and their Bible study group.
Everyone’s showered & in bed now. Hoping everyone gets a great night’s sleep so they’re raring to go in the a.m.  Feel free to comment on here & we’ll show the message to the kid it’s for & definitely check out the Photobucket album that’s mentioned in an earlier post.