Day 3 has begun


It’s hard to believe we’re already starting day 3. Yesterday, we were blessed with a pretty heavy rain so tracks got shuffled just a little. It threw me off my game a little in regard to taking pics but I did get some. Our guys did an amazing job of helping CK staff transport kids safely since buildings are quite a walk from each other. We still saw LOTS of smiles & some of our kids were so excited they got to play their favorite – dodgeball! Kids are really having a great time. We’ve heard so much about all they’re learning in Bible study groups, about new friends they’re making & what adventures they’ve had during hang times. The camp pastor has done a great job of engaging the kids as we’ve studied Ephesians 6, learning about strength & truth. I’m excited for all we’ll learn today about the peace we can only receive through Christ. Pray for our kiddos as they hear about peace and a personal relationship with Jesus today. Pray for the CK staff as they connect with kids. Pray for our chaperones, who are sleep deprived & experiencing allergy problems from sleeping in old buildings in the damp woods. They are doing an AMAZING job but I know we all covet your prayers. We are blessed to bring the kids to such an amazing experience. Thank you FBCLiveOak for loving our kids!

Here’s the link to the album in case you’ve missed Instagram posts

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