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Parents, you’ve got to share this with your kids . . .

Don’t miss the Packing Party on Sun, Nov 20 at 6:00pm in the Family Ministry Bldg

Kids will LOVE doing this . . .



Mission projects can sometimes be difficult for kids to comprehend if they cannot visualize the project.  Kids think in concrete or literal terms and develop abstract thinking as they grow.  So when introducing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to your children, it can help to show them videos of children receiving their boxes and reading books about the countries where the boxes will be going.  But one of the best ways I have found for kids to grasp the full process of the shoebox journey is to allow them to follow their box.  Samaritan’s Purse has made this feature available for your family by allowing you to print your packing label online.  Go ahead and print your labels ahead of time and bring them to the packing party on Nov 20 at 6:00pm in our Family Ministry Building.

Follow Your Box