Are the kids bored yet?


Kids get so excited and wound up before Christmas arrives and then they’re excited because of their new gifts for the few days (sometimes hours) after.  When the excitement wears out and they begin irritating siblings or complaining about being bored or just need a break from those electronic devices, what do you do?  Here’s one idea . . . tell them to get out their AWANA handbooks and look for those sections that require some extra time (i.e., missions research, “obey your parents” daily chart, creating a diorama or poster, etc).  Each of the AWANA handbooks for Sparks and T&T contain sections like these and sometimes they fall at a time when we’re overloaded with family obligations.  So take advantage of your child’s time out of school and let them work on these.  As always, you can email Ms Debbie if you need guidance on any of these sections.  🙂



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