Awana handbooks


awana_clipart_tt-square9We’re getting closer to the end of our Awana club year and clubbers are getting serious about finishing their handbooks.  Because we lost multiple weeks this year due to storms, Christmas play practice, etc. we’ve made the decision to adjust some of the guidelines for our T&T handbooks.  For the remainder of the year, T&T clubbers only can:

  1. skip x.8 sections (these are review sections for x.1-x.7)
  2. complete more than 1 section per week if needed to complete handbook
  3. request to meet with Ms. Debbie or their listener on a Sunday to complete sections, if they just need one more chance to pass a section

Parents, if you have any questions, please email Ms Debbie or contact your child’s listener.  Thanks for encouraging your child as we finish up this club year.


  • May 2 – last night of “normal” club when clubbers can pass sections
  • May 9 – Awards Celebration
  • May 16 – Awana Festival

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