Hands-On Missions for Families


This is one of the BEST opportunities for families looking for a hands-on discipleship opportunity to teach their children about missions.  Our family has been to multiple Compassion Experience events and we have been forever changed every time.  You do not want to miss this so put it on your calendar now . . . in fact, if you follow the below link, you can go ahead and make a reservation.  I’ll be volunteering at the event on Sat, Nov 10 from 9:30am – 2:30pm and would LOVE to see you then!



Clarification for T&T handbooks because of Hurricane Michael

We will STICK TO THE CALENDAR for our T&T handbooks so this week’s section will be 1.6
Your child can makeup last week’s section we missed (which was 1.5) and that can be done this week or any upcoming week.  We have noted in the system that it was due to Hurricane so children won’t be penalized if they don’t make it up but they also won’t receive the weekly award/prize for it if they don’t make it up.
P.S. a copy of the schedule can be found at http://fbcliveoak.org/awana